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The Sands of Regression
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So I trie to login there and I'm about 100% certain I tried every single possibility there but it refused to log me on. I tried to use my email to get a new password but it said there was no account with that email, and I know that was the proper email. Finally I decided screw it and make a new account... And it said I was trying to make a duplicate account with the email, that it just Sao it didn't have, and could be banned for it.

  • Mood: Awestruck
Just a quick story that just happened to me I feel like I need off my chest T.T

So I was just playing Gmod earlier, and I was on a favorite server of mine playing jailbreak. (Basically for those who don't know you have two sides ones prisoners others jailers and the jailers have to control the prisoners and the Prisoners have to kill the guards.) so basically I was a Jailer, specifically the warden, and I... Basically screwed up. I messed up a command and accidently got 6 people on the game killed for it, which was a bannable offense on the server (only for a couple days though). So a admin comes on and puts up a vote to have me banned, which requires a vote of the people in the server, and... They wouldn't ban me. Even after several attempts and me ADMITING to screwing up and me asking them to ban me... They wouldn't. Apparently o grew on them while I was laying on the server for a short time and They said they liked me and forgave me for screwing up... T.T they had to get a super admin to ban me, but... I still got the feels 😢 I feel so loved 💖. I'm touched a bunch of people I don't know would be thy nice to me T//T
  • Mood: Awestruck
copied from :iconseiryuyamato:

This hacker has been going around making a name for himself on the site. He'll hack into your account,but lay low for at least a week. You'll never know he is there until you start seeing pictures of Thomas the Tank Engine saved on your This will continue for a while until a journal with title 'It's too late' is posted on your profile. The journal will be nothing but lyrics to the song 'Hungry like a wolf' by Duran Duran. Then he will change your password and begin sending notes to your watchers asking them for sexual favors in return for stock in Slim Jim's. He will post poorly drawn My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic fan art on your profile, most of which involve Pinkie Pie reciting passages from The Old Testament while wearing various outfits from 1970's Sears catalogs. After five days time,he will delete at least four of your watchers randomly and tag every single person that YOU watch in almost every single post. Then he will begin to write disturbing letters about Barack Obama with screen-caps from those really weird commercials. Finally after enough time has passed,he will delete all of your contacts, hack into your bank account, force you to buy a 7-year premium membership, change your username to a variation of OHMYGODLOOKATTHOSESHOESTHEONESWITHELACE,and then post 37 pictures of his odd misshapen nipples on your account.

Post this in your journal to let your watchers know that you haven't been hacked and warn them about this rampant hacker! Stand up! Fight! Don't let yourself become his latest victim!
  • Mood: Peaceful
So after the whole HELP!!! Thing that happened last time I finally got a new computer, it was a easier process the trying to salvage my old one. I think I got it from a school site or something, idk. So what would guys recommend?
  • Mood: Peaceful
Why do people create bonds with each other? Is it because people have a selfish nature and vie for the attention of others? Is it because when we are alone we get that feeling down in your heart that you don't like so you go to great lengths to try and suppress it by distracting yourself with the presence of others? Is it because, for one reason or another, we enjoy the way we feel when we're around others... The smiling... The laughing... The joy? Is it because it allows you to open up your feelings you were forced to keep inside?Why?

Why do people break bonds? Is it because they found someone better who they enjoy being with more and the other is no longer important? Is it because the person you had a bond with annoys you and you cease to enjoy their company? Is it because they hurt you in some way? Is it because you just moved on and they were stuck in the past? Why?

So many questions. No answers. Somehow in between loosing my first friend and my goth friend I started shutting myself out from the world. Hurt. Betrayed. You'd think I'd had given up on humanity, yet itt was still there... The desire to have bonds with others. To be remembered by them... Cared for by them... Loved by them... Why are those feelings still in my heart? 

... You know what?

... Screw it.

I will keep building those bonds, I'll keep smiling, I'll keep spreading happiness wherever I go. Even if they spit in my face, laugh at me, ignore me, or break my heart. I don't know why, I can't tear my heart open and analyze why It keeps beating after being broken, but I know one thing: I loved that feeling. That feeling when someone suicidal thanks your for loving them despite their emotional state, that feeling when someone says thanks for being there for them when no one else was, the feeling when they say they love you like their own child....

So go ahead: break my heart. Stomp it into a million pieces. Forget I exist. Spit on me. Betray me. Ignore me. HURT ME. I don't care anymore. I'll still have those bonds even if you no longer do. And one day... I'll find that one bond where the other person feels the same and our bond can last both ways, forever...

its better to to love and loose than to never love at all.

And that's perfectly fine with me.
  • Mood: Peaceful

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